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Soul Aura~ Adults

Soul Auras are captured paintings of your Divine Essence, the way I view it in my mind's eye.

Soul Auras~ Children

Couples Soul Aura

Animal Soul Aura


Each Soul Aura comes with a nicely typed explanation of the colors of your Soul Aura,  also known as a "reading".  If any Divine messages make themselves known I will include those as well.

Painted Clothing

I have enjoyed painting on clothing for years. Wearable art is expressive and fun. I mostly paint sweatshirts and t-shirts. Treat Yourself with Love, Light, and Nature themes. DARE TO WEAR! :)

Guardians or Guides~

I can connect and paint a likeness of your Guardian Angel or an Angel Guide.  I don't always see your Guardian because sometimes particular Angels will come to your aid depending on where you are in your life.  This picture is Anne's Guardian.  The synchronicities and events surrounding this painting could not be denied.  In case you do not know, Angels and Guides are omnipresent so they can help more than one person at a time.  They are miraculous light beings created specifically to help us.

Archangel Chamuel


Art4Life originated as the main business for hand painted clothing and has since also  includes IAM~*Intuitive Art by Susi Marrotte.

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Testimony #1~
Rosepetal Pinchu's Soul Aura
Testimony #2~ Amy Baker's Soul Aura
Testimony #3~ Carmen Hernandez's Soul Aura
Testimony #4~ Sally Bowers' Soul Aura
Testimony #5~ Jim Aj Ash's Soul Aura

Testimony #6~ Heidi Joyce's Soul Aura

Testimony #7~ Patrick Palmer's Soul Aura
Testimony #8~ Frances Morales' Soul Aura
Frances' gift for her mother <3


I have known Susi for over a year now since she came into my (Invite Only) Facebook Group "The Journey."  She came in looking for help in understanding and learning about the things that she thought, for the longest time were just in her head.  Now I see a strong woman who has the beautiful gift of working with Angels and Faerie light beings.  Through her artwork she is able to see the you for who you truly are.  The "Soul Aura" she gifted me with is one of the best and truest readings I have ever gotten, as far as who and why I am here.  Thank You Susi for coming into my life.”

Rose <3   [email protected]com

"Nothing can compare to the Divine Aura Painting I had done.  It is a breath of fresh air to my soul each and every time I grace upon its beauty.  Susi captures and enhances your Divine essence perfectly.  Thank you sweet one. You are honored for aiding others to see the truth of their nature."

Amy Baker-Spiritual Advisor/Motivator, Wispy Winds www.wispywinds.com

Before meeting Susi,  I had never heard of a Soul Aura.  I had my aura captured in a photo at a metaphysical event last year and thought that was great, but nothing compares to the experience of getting my Soul Aura done.  Susi explained how the aura photo that was done at the event captured my aura in that moment; however it was not my soul's 'blueprint' which is how I likened the Soul Aura.  Susi's Soul Aura painting reveals what I incarnated in this lifetime to fulfill.  When I understood the glaring difference in the two, I was so pleased I had the opportunity to experience this divine gift which Susi bestowed to me through her mind's eye.

I consider what Susi does to be such a precious blessing as it allowed me to understand my soul's path with increased clarity. The colors revealed in my aura and the guide she gave to explain each color's meaning were amazingly accurate.  I framed my Soul Aura and look at it often to reflect and meditate.  I find when I look at it, it is the truest reflection of me, one that I can't get from any mirror. 

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.  Love, light and blessings to you!

Carmen, Malden MA, www.harmonyhealingstudio.com

Susi Marrotte is one of the kindest, pure hearted woman I know.  She is highly intuitive, with amazing artistic talent that combines her gift of intuition and art to create the most beautiful Soul Aura Paintings.  She is unique and offers what I've yet to see anyone else in this field offer.  Her readings are in depth and go along with her vision of your Soul Aura. She is simply amazing and if you don't have a Soul Aura painting yet, I highly recommend getting one.  Not just for you but for other family members and friends who seek guidance on their past as well as where they are meant to go from here forward.  Susi does Soul Aura Paintings at the Spa Days that I hold at my Blue Butterfly Of Hope Healing Studio every 10-12 weeks.  She is dearly loved <3”  Many  Blessings to you Susi!!!!  I love you!  Sally

Sally Bowers, owner of BlueButterflyOfHope.com~ Healing Studio in Central Massachusetts;  Healer, Intuitive, Angel Messenger.

I was recently given a gift of one of your magnificent Soul Aura paintings and while I do not fully understand the whole concept of what a Soul Aura is, I feel the image you created captures me well.  The reading that explains the colors touched on a lot of interesting and surprisingly intriguing facts about myself.  I have the painting displayed and I like it a lot.  Thank you for making this great piece of art which is hanging proudly in my living room.”
Jim Aj Ash, Clerk, MITLL

My 1st Soul Aura painting Susi did for me was at a "Spa Day" event, I loved the painting and information she gave with it so much that I had her do a more "in depth" version. Both paintings are framed and hanging in my front hallway.  I also had Susi do a Soul Aura painting for my fiance as well, which is also framed & hanging. Susi has a gift for seeing & interpreting your soul & the energies around you. I find it fascinating to see in a painting what she sees, she truly captures the essence of who you are.”

Heidi Joyce

Hairstylist & Lightarian Reiki and Shamballa Master.

Susi captures the essence of her subject in a unique and heart warming way and I cannot be more thrilled with the painting she did of me. An artist always puts a bit of herself in her work.  Susi puts a lot of her heart into her work and that speaks to the soul.”

Patrick Palmer

Nurse & Usui Reiki Master, Canada  

"When Susi painted my Soul Aura, I was completely blown away, she picked up on things that I have had an inner knowing about since childhood but shared with no one,  ever.  I was so impressed, touched and honored that I now purchase Soul Auras for loved ones as gifts! My mother's Soul Aura warmed my heart, Susi painted a beautiful and artistic interpretation of my mother's Soul.  The reading that accompanied the painting was so spot on, revealing my mom's pure loving heart.  Thank you for putting into words what I have seen and felt about my mom for all these years.  For that, I will be eternally grateful.
Namaste,  Frances

"This was my first time having my aura read and I absolutely loved it.  Susi read me perfectly.  I appreciate the suggestions given to me and will work on my "homework."  I can't wait to come back and have my Angel drawing done. Susi was so wonderful and easy to talk to.  Thank you for everything."

Suzanne Chilton, End of Summer Spa Day at Blue Butterfly of Hope in Hubbardston, Massachusetts

"I had my first Soul drawing and Susi, she is very cool.  Her intuition is very accurate!  It was an amazing thing to see how she sees my aura colors and then explains them.  Truly enjoyable."

Tammy Terranova, Zuzu's Healing Expo in Peabody, Massachusetts