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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact you?

    You may contact me via Facebook or email. (see Contact page for more info.)

    My email is [email protected] 

  2. How much does personalized art cost?

    Individual Soul Auras, Children, and Animals at this time cost $55.00 which includes a reading.  Angels cost $70.00.  Shipping and handling is dependant on the area shipped but usually does not exceed $5.00 for US,  $10.00 for Canada,  $15.00 for Europe.

    Couple Auras cost $75.00 plus the same shipping.

    Canvas Soul Auras cost $200.00 which does not includs shipping and handling.  Canvas pieces should be insured so shipping and handling will vary.

    Hand painted clothing varies from $30.00 - $50.00 or above depending on the design or style of clothing.  Typically a t-shirt is cheaper and a sweatshirt is more expensive, even if you buy your own clothing that you want me to paint on.  I have done this as well.  A more expensive piece of clothing will cost more for the design as I will take great care to not damage your clothing.  If it is an item that I have purchased, then I have the means to purchase another one of the same in case of error.  But to keep intentions on a high vibration, I try not to think about this.  :)

    In Spiritual Art, often times an "error" is meant to BE!!  ;)

  3. How long does it take to receive a piece of art?

    I like to give a time period of 2 weeks from the time of order to delivery, give or take a few days.  Payment is required in advance.

  4. What if I live far away? Can you still complete a Soul Aura at a distance?

    Living across the globe is not an issue with today's technology!  All you have to do is connect with me on Facebook or email and submit a picture.  I can connect with your energy through the picture and see your aura.  I simply upload your photo and begin to paint.  Once the picture is completed, shipped and you receive it, I delete your picture and your reading for privacy reasons.  I consider these pictures sacred as you are sacred. :-)

  5. What form of payment do you receive?

    Right now I am set up for Paypal where you can pay with your bank if you have a Paypal account.  If you do not, it is easy to set up. I also take checks as long as your name, address and phone number are on the check.  You can send that to my post office box located on the "contact" page, Susan Marrotte Art4Life.  Faerie Hugs!!! Susi <3 

  6. If I choose to order a Soul Aura and I live far away, how do you do this if you do not know me?

    If this is the purchase you choose, all you have to do is find me on Facebook and message me a picture of yourself, preferable one of you alone.  I will use your picture to connect with your energy.  If you are not on Facebook you can email me a picture of yourself OR if you do not do either, you can send me a picture with your check which will be returned to you with your Soul Aura. 

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